Database administration

We offer a full range of admin tasks in the are of database administrations. From the simplest tasks to the complete takeover of the administration of your database.

Migrations, Upgrades

Migrations and upgrades are mostly one-time activities. The scope always depends on the specific requirement and environment. We are not afraid of very complicated migrations between different platforms and versions.

Development, integration

We offer custom application development. With the use of modern technologies and smart solutions you can find out that applications built on Oracle technologies doesn't have to be always expensive.

Tuning and optimizations

With the use of diagnostic tools, years of experience with debugging and code optimization we will speed up your processes and your reports.

Consulting and training

We are available even in the case of one-time consultation. The goal may be either to solve specific problem or to provide a training session or workshop in your team. These consultations can be maintained as a classic training or a workshop. In both cases it's possible to define the areas and scope of the training.