Remote administration

Although Remote database administration has many advantages, it's not used much for at this time
The main disadvantage is database monitoring, which is the most crucial for database administration and most of monitoring tools can monitor only databases in a local network
We are able to remove this main disadvantage and can monitor Oracle databases the same way as a local tools with the same quality.

How it works ?

It's simple.The customer defines the level of service and all for what we have to be responsible (SLA), we set up remote access, we become familiar with the database, connect to our central monitoring system and then take full responsibility for this database. We will continue to monitor database, pro-actively check and of course solve all the problems and incidents.

Monitoring system

Our cloud monitoring and supervising system is based on more than 10 years of experience with what is important for database management. It can monitor databases across the Internet and automatically detects the approaching critical state and notifies the database administrator who is prepared to immediately any time and anywhere remotely connect and fix the problem.

The monitoring system stores all the statistics and information of the database for further reporting and analysis. The customer has access to this cloud-based monitoring system using the DIMON application.


Low and stable monthly cost for database management, quality of service and access to the cloud monitoring system.