Development and integration

We can provide you with senior PL/SQL developers for your project during the development phase or we can create an application according to your requirements. From analysis and technical design through testing to sucessfull deployment of the application in your environment. With the use of modern technologies and smart solutions you will find that applicationa built on top of Oracle technologies doesn't have to be expensive. For smaller databases (up to 11 gigabytes of data) you can also obtain a free license.

PL/SQL development

  • Modifications of the existing code
  • Technical draft/design of applications
  • Optimized code in appropriate quality
  • Compliance with standards or help in defining them
  • Processing and handover of technical documentation

Application development

  • Analysis preparation, design proposal, development, testing and deployment
  • When developing applications we're mainly using Oracle APEX. Main advantage of this tool is very fast development of quality web applications on top of Oracle technologies.
  • We are able to use any edition of Oracle database as backend for the application. Including the XE, which is absolutely free even for commercial use
  • We are also able to integrate other tools that let you generate PDF, XLS and DOC documents using commercial or free tools.

Scripting is also often a part of the aplication development. Nowadays in the world of product support across platforms we offer scripting environment for Unix and Windows.

A big advantage when creating applications is our experience during the design and optimizations. Many developers don't have the necessary knowledge for the design and optimal physical storage of data in a database.