Connection of the database to monitoring system

Connecting your database to our monitoring system is technically a relatively simple process.
The are some requirements to be met before the connection.

Requirements for connecting the database to monitoring system

  • Remote access to the database server
  • Handover database documentation in the desired range (if the documentation is not available we can analyse the system and make one. It usually takes 2-3 days)
  • The database must be able to send emails to one external address or there must be a web service application installed that allows downloading information to the monitoring system

Administrated database - handover steps

  • Obtaining information about the database and the required level of service, availability, ...
  • Creation of the offer
  • After accepting the offer the documentation is handed over and the contract is signed
  • Remote access is provided and tested onsite
  • Getting knowledge about the environment and creating the missing documentation if there is not any
  • Solving areas that prevent take-over of the responsibility or areas that arent't clear (privileges, inoperable or untested backup, ...)
  • Installation of the monitoring system and the connection to our central DMS server
  • Beginning of remote database management, taking of the responsibility