The advantages of our remote database administration

Our monitoring system eliminates the major disadvantage of remote database management - proactive monitoring. Our monitoring system remotely monitors the database with the same quality as traditional local tools.

Companies that use Oracle database and realize the importance of the data always need some administrator who can monitor and manage the database.
Database administrator whom you can entrust important data is not easy to find. You also need to have two administrators for substitutional reasons. However, if they manage only few databases they are probably considerably not fully occupied. Remote management of databases is the way to significant financial savings and often also leads to improvent of the quality of the service.


  • Proactive monitoring - automatic detection of the incidents before they affect users
  • Fast error detection and response to any incidents
  • 100% responsibility for the database
  • Ability to generate up-to-date documentation about the database
  • Significant financial savings for your own database administrators
  • Possibility to choose the level of service according to your requirements (24x7 / 8x5, guaranteed response time, ...)
  • Professional team of experienced database administrators who will take care of your database
  • Access to the monitoring system for control and overview of the database state
  • Reporting incidents and requests into the system and the subsequent progress of the solution
  • Most of the information about the database remains in the monitoring system for later comparison of growth and future HW resource planning
  • Fixed monthly rate for database management - regardless the number of incidents and the length of their solution
  • Possibility to use database administrators to any other activities (migration, upgrades, development, ...)
  • Easy setup of our monitoring system - minimum requirements from the customer