Installation, configuration and management of Oracle products

We are focused on providing services in the area of ​​Oracle technology. We provide complex services from installation and configuration of Oracle products, through management, monitoring and backup to performance tuning, development, consulting, training and migrations. Our specialists have many years of experience with Oracle technologies, especially databases. We are a team of technically oriented specialists who have experience in various areas and solves priority one incidents almost on daily basis. ... read more

DIMON cloud monitoring

DIMON is a web based interface application with access to all information about the monitored databases and its configuration parameters.
It can be also used to for communication...

DB Administration

We have many years of experience with the administration of Oracle databases. We have administrated Oracle since version 7.3 and our database admins have alread been administrating over 1500 databases!

Remote administration

What is DIMON | Request a DEMO account

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